Wool Types & Products

New Zealand's climate, clean green environment and sustainable farming systems grow sheep that produce the whitest, brightest and cleanest wool in the world. The diversity of New Zealand sheep breeds and climate combined with wools unique characteristics plus the use of the most sophisticated scouring technology in the world allows J.L. Crichton to offer a large range of both scoured and raw wool types to meet individual client and product requirements.

Our range of types includes wools for the following products and applications: 


These grades represent the greatest volume of New Zealand types and we can supply all ranges of lengths, colours and styles with super white/low VM scoured shears and Crossbreds Slipe types a Company speciality.


Hand Knitting:

We supply both shorn and slipe lamb types and other suitable fleece wools in the 28-33 micron quality range.

Wool Spinning:

New Zealands clean scoured shorn lamb and lamb slipe grades from 26-31 micron are ideal for woollen spun yarns.



This is a growing area of wool processing that uses the shorter lamb, slipe and oddment types predominately in the 28-34 micron range. As a Company we have extensive experience in offering tailored types to meet each processors individual needs.

Bedding and Babyware:

J.L. Crichton produces a range of scoured spongey wool and lamb types that provide the desired crimpy characteristics needed by the beding industry and whiteness and softness for babyware. Equally as important is the use of our wool types to allow the manufacturers the marketing advantage to promote wool as an environmentally and sustainable option in products where health, sleep and well-being are paramount.

With the worlds increasing awareness of the benefits of natural fibres for both our health and the environment we at J.L. Crichton believe our range of wool types are well placed to be marketed into many new and exciting products from baby wear and bedding right through to industrial applications.

Reliability, honesty and integrity

Along with our expertise in supplying the best wool for each customer we offer not only over 50 years of trading history but most importantly the reliability, honesty and integrity customers require. We meantime look forward to continuing our service to existing clients and receiving any enquiries from new and potential customers.